Gospic– full of energy

Promotional video for City of Gospić in Croatia. Dominated by the stunning landscape scenery, the video was shot at several very attractive locations such as Velebit Nature Park, the Museum Center of Nikola Tesla, the memorial house of Ante Starčević. The Osijek-based company FILM 54, winner of many awards for their tourist videos, led by director Boris Šeper, has faithfully captured all the attractions of Gospić, emphasizing the emotional experience of visitors. Famous Croatian cellist Ana Rucner appears in the video, whose music off the album eXpression perfectly fit in with the dynamic of the video. In the video, Ana Rucner can be seen wearing a lovely dress that features design elements of traditional embroidery from Lika, which was made by the Dota Association for the Conservation of Traditional Culture. In order to lure the viewer in and demonstrate the unique beauty and experience, the video is made of short, content- packed and stunning scenes that show off everything the town of Gospić has to offer, including tradition, gastronomy, the beauty of Velebit peaks and trails, adventure, nature and the coexistence and special relationship between the townsfolk and nature which they love and appreciate. Along with the beautiful landscapes and scenes of the city and its surroundings, a very important place in the video is occupied by Velebit. Actually, a great part of the video was recorded in Visočica, at 1619 meters above sea level.

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